Friday, June 27, 2008

Airing on the side of caution

Ok, so that is totally not my picture above but I needed an emergency room picture for dramatic effect. So we spent the night in the ER last night until about about 4 this morning. Apparently David has "walking pneumonia". So in addition to his kidney stones, he now has this to deal with. So let me back up...he told me yesterday afternoon that he was not feeling well but his has not been uncommon lately. Well later on he told me he was about to pass out and after taking his temp I saw he was burning up with 104 temperature. Long story short, we tried to get his fever down with no luck and ended up in the ER only to find out out that according to the ER doctor and our $150 copay, there is nothing else they can do. Nice. So he is home resting and his fever has broken again for the second time since last night. It's so annoying to know something is up and the damn doctors can't figure it out. Speaking of which, I was also suffering from a migraine last night but fortunately it was mild and was soon forgotten about with all the ER mess. Anywho, this is a few pics from my evening.

Ran through Mickey D's for some grub for me and the my little man while Daddy rested before be brought him to the ER. It was rainy and nasty and seemed like EVERYONE in town had the same idea for supper last night.

And this is where we spent the night. Cozy, right? Good 'ol lucky 13! How is it that every time I go to the Hospital we are in room 13? I don't like the odds of that.

On a lighter note, Kate and I are meeting up tomorrow to chat about kit stuff and our two little ones get to have a bit of a play date. So FUN! Well more on that later. I'm off to try to catch up on some sleep. Wish me luck!


Breanne Crawford said...

hope he starts feeling better soon!

jealous of your playdate with kate! enjoy yourselves!

Anonymous said...

How did you find out he had walking pneumonia if the docotrs were of no help :)

Aimee said...

hope he feels better soon. my hubby had it also. apparently its fairly common?? (who would have thunk it?)

have fun on your playdate!

deana said...

Hugs & prayers... :-)