Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday, Sweet Friday!

I am very pleased to say it IS Friday.
I am also very pleased that this purse I've been lusting over is mine all mine! And so it became the focus of my 365 for today.

And here are my pics from Thursday & Wednesday.

We don't normally go out two weekends in a row...but tonight our favortie new 80's cover band is playing their final show. *tear* So the inlaws are keeping my sweet baby boy and we get to rock out to some 80's LOVE! And since I've been CRAVING sushi, we are trying a new sushi place and I am quite pleased about that too!

Oh and I got my Masters kit yesterday and have already started getting my scrap on...

Ok, back to scrapin' before we head to the gym. Laters!

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