Monday, June 02, 2008

Hello June.

Just a lazy weekend. I just have some pics to share before I turn in for the night.365 for yesterday.
You can now add mechanic and handyman to Zane's resume.
Went to a birthday party for my friend/co worker's little girl's first birthday. Tayor is Zane's daycare crush too! LOL!
Here is my 365 for today June 1st scrapjack.
That is all.


LindseYaYa said...

Those pictures of Z.Crue are adorable. JUST ADORABLE! He's grown up so much. How much fun! I can't wait to watch him and Beaux Jack do their thing! I hope the birfday party was fun. My blog is doing something weird. FIX IT! Please?
Happy Monday!

Kelli said...

oh I love the scrapjack :)