Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pretty Laid Back...

Yep this weekend was fairly laid back. Did a bit of scrappin. Got some ATC card action.

Took some 365's like this one tonight looking at all the meds that have consumed our lives and our bank account. I mean damn prescriptions are pricey! Geeezzz.

We took a spin through Perkins Rowe to meet a friend for dinner Friday night but due to horrible service we had to leave before we were even served. Then we went to a wedding reception for my cousin and oddly enough I had a better time chatting about politics and work than I expected. (Yes Lindsey...we talked about politics.)

*and shockingly enough, I was in Perkins Rowe and did NOT go into Anthropologie. (although I REALLY wanted to*

And here I am at work Thrusday doing what I do. Ain't it glamorous?

So that's about it for now. Nothing too fun and exciting right now. Just life.


staceyfike said...

those cards look wicked cool ;)

Breanne Crawford said...

those atc's look -amazing-

random moments said...

Oh noes! Where did you receive the bad service?

And, ok, weirdness - J and I were in Perkins Rowe Friday night too! We were at the Fish Grill place. We weren't impressed either, but the crabs were good. Yet, they were out of margarita mix, the waitress didn't know the specials, and they didn't have J's regular beer, Bud Light. Wtf?

Eh, sorry about the novel I just left you. And the prescriptions!! Zane should get a job to help Mommy & Daddy out. ;)