Monday, June 23, 2008

What's Inspiring You?

This is on my inspiration board right now.

I'm going to make a layout based on it. I love the black and white stripes and the green leaves of the plants.

Speaking of layouts, I made a few with my June Studio Calico kit. Love the colors in fresh!
On this one I used the flag page from the Domino magazine and a bunch of Anthorpology clothes tags for the background.And on to the 365's. Here is today's.
And yesterday...I dined on this delish lemon cookie from Starbucks. Good Lord that was yummines. *sigh*


Molly said...

mmm i had one of those lemon cookies last week - so good!

Love the new layouts!

random moments said...

That girl and her snacks. ;) Ahh, now I am thinking of the days back at P&N, getting munchies from the machines or the lil shop downstairs. I prob eat half the amount of food I did back then working at that place! Lol.

Great layouts sugah!