Monday, July 21, 2008

a brand new week...

yep, it's a brand new week.
Above is my 365 from this morning. Below is my one from yesterday during my meeting with Kate. I know it is just horrible but you can only do so much with a crumby iphone camera! Damn I have got to figure out a way to get that new Canon Rebel I've had my eye on.
As you can see from the picture she took below (yeah I totally stole it from Kate's flickr account), we sat and talked over coffee for the longest. And that was AFTER we sat and talked over lunch! LOL! I was so nice to talk about random stuff face to face and unrushed. Kate is an amazing person, for real. We had a great visit and did manage to squeeze in some kit talk too. Hopefully we will get to have more face to face chats like this now that she is moving closer. I know she snaped a few other great pics that I'm waiting to see. No rush Kate...but hurry! LOL!
And a few more layouts with the new Hambly stuff. I just love the cool new colors and graphics.

So despite recovering from a migraine I had last night, I'm feeling fairly creative today and think I may try to scrap some more. I still have last month's The Dozens Kit that I'm dying to use and more than have of my Masters Kit, not to mention the Dig Deeper kit I just got from Kate yesterday and all the yummy new Hambly. What's a girl to do but scrap?

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Christina Padilla said...

hey so sorry to hear that D has been so ill! Wow, i can't imagine how scary that was for you and im so happy to read that he is getting better.

Thinking of you and your fam.
Missing the whole scrap scene.
hate myself for taking myself out of it.

much love hun.
gimme a call anytime.
major hugs.
lub yas.