Friday, July 18, 2008

Don't call it a come back...

Proof that my husband's personality is back. I got home from work today to find my recovering husband watching The Fast and the Furious Toyko Drift. So as this played in the background we ate tortilla chips and cheese dip and talked about our day.

He says: Awwwhhh damn I missed TRL today.
(*me giving him a strange look*)
Him: I watched it yesterday and I was very disappointed.
Me: What are you writing online reviews of TRL now?
Him: Maybe I should. Crowd participation was slim. The host seemed a bit nervous.
Me: You really need to go back to work.
(*he gave me a shit eattin' grin*)
Me: So I saw you broke out the playstation
Him: Yeah, I have been through my two games
Me: Yeah, you really need to go back to work.
*sigh* I'm so glad to see he is feeling better and behaving more like himself.

Now for a couple of scrappies I did last night.

Alright, off to start my weekend. I'll post some 365 action later.

1 comment:

random moments said...

Loving that last layout. One day when life isnt in crazy mode I'll break out the scraps again!

David's funny - our men are such kids! Gotta love 'em tho.

By the way, leave it to David to make his whole sick-oxygen-tube look appear cool. How does that happen??? Lol.