Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't sleep till...

Who answered Brooklyn? Sorry Beastie Boys fans, that would be incorrect.
I really think that it's cute that you can't tell from the above 365 picture that I've been up since 2 a.m. Yeah...two in the morning. My son strikes again. Does anyone have any advice on keeping a toddler from waking up in the middle of the night and not wanting to go back to sleep. We are about to die here. We haven't sleep in 23 months people. This is ridiculous. Ok, so that may be a little over the top...we had gotten him sleeping through the night at 18 months and now it seems like we are back at square one but worse. What's the deal?

So Sugarbutt is officially a Louisiana resident again. We got to visit this weekend and see the new house. (which is amazing by the way) She cooked us the most fabulous Mexican dinner with Mexican chocolate cupcakes. Can I tell you YUM??!!! *sigh* Well rather than giving them some cheesy house warming present, I put my scrap skills to the test and made her a little mini off all the things that she loved about her first little home in the big state of TX.

(you can see more if here). It took me hours to sort through her online photo gallery to find just the right pictures to remind her of all the things she loved about her home in TX but it was so worth it to see her reaction.
I also made her these "we've moved" cards to send out to family and friend with their new address. She loved them!
Alright, that's all for now. I leave you with the 365's from Sunday & Monday. Sometimes I wonder what my neighbors think since I take most of my self portraits outside. Oh well. At least if they think I'm a crazy lady maybe they won't mess with me.



Kim said...

Hi~normally I lurk but I had to tell you how we get our little guy back to sleep:)

Okay...here's a crazy trick that works (most nights) for me. We went to Build a Bear and got him a 'sleeping teddy', made a deal out of it and everything. When he gets up, usually at 3:00 am, and can't go back to sleep, we tell him he can stay up (little reverse psychology here) but that 'sleeping teddy' has to go back to bed. He has to go in and lie down with sleeping teddy until teddy is asleep. As I type this~ we sound like crazy people~but it does work. He lies down and has to be quiet so teddy can sleep and inevitably he falls back to sleep himself.

I got the idea because my dh is a firefighter and when my middle daughter was little she had a hard time with him being gone at night. We took her to Build a Bear (I should so work for them) and got her a Fireman teddy. Every night when Daddy was going to be gone we put the Fireman teddy in her bed. She always knew if he was in the bed then Daddy was at work. Since that worked like a charm we tried it for the little guy ~ that's it ~ he goes back to sleep and I don't spend all my days looking like something the cat dragged in.


LindseYaYa said...

oh sugar! I just LOVE my book! I've shown the fam and my kids here. It's in my purse as we speak! You are so talented and I know how much time something that sweet and thoughtful can take. What a treasure I have!!! In both you and my memory book... As for Zane, James woke up at 3 last night ready to "pay oussside.". All we do is tell him to lay down and close his eyes. We re-tuck him in and that usually works. Oh, we show him that it's still dark outside too ... Nothing brilliant but it works for us. Loves to your weary face!!!!

GreenErica said...

Oh Michelle..... you have me in tears. How special, how heartfelt, how talented and amazing you are! I looked at all the pictures of your mini and it's just gorgeous. Thanks for including me and Tater in such a beautiful way!!!!!!

You rock.


kim brimhall said...

great projects and GREAT blog:)