Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday. Yeah, It's here!

Starting with scrappies...
This is a fairly old picture of Zane & David that I have been meaning to scrap. Love how it turned out with such contrasting papers.

This is my homage to my dear friend Kate. It suits her.

This is a link to some super awesome FREE printable downloads that I'm going to be playing with this weekend. *picture from the small object steno pad blog*

The little spoon graphics remind me of some childhood art I did that need to be photographed and documented. I think this will suit it well.

So the hubs went to the doctor yesterday and guess what....he is off the oxygen! So we celebrated. My girl Alissa asked us to go out to eat so we jumped at the idea!

Oh and we also made a Hob Lob run for some wonderful lace and black tulle. You know...I think I'm obsessed with tulle right now. Obsessed I tell you.

So now for the latest self portraits...

yesterday...and this morning.

Well back to my daily grind. Weekend update to come later. Tootles!

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random moments said...

You guys are MINE next. Muwahahaha!

J had a bite of sushi the other night and said "mmm... not bad". I'm thinking we could jump on that one. ;)

I need to know, like ASAP where your girl Alissa got that divine black & white print top. Seriously. It must be mine.