Friday, July 04, 2008

Home for the night

Yes I'm home for the night. Where do I start? Well...I have been in some what of an emotional tailspin. After we came home from the emergency room on Friday morning, David's health rapidly declined. He just got sicker and sicker. His fever continued to rage and his breathing we shallow and rapid. I was so scared. So back to the ER we headed Saturday morning and this time they admitted him immediately. Well I say immediately, but we had to wait 12 hours in the emergency room until a room became available. And we have been there ever since. He has a rare form of viral pneumonia that was very hard to diagnose. Unfortunately there is no way to treat it...just treat the symptoms. We only just found this out yesterday. So for almost a week we were terrified and had no real idea what he had or why he was not responding to the antibiotics. One night he had a temp of 105 and we had to pack him in ice. That was a horrible night that I will never forget. Well after 7 days, 3 doctors, 2 specialists and countless nurses, we now know what it least we are 99% certain. We are still waiting to get some more lab results. The bad news is that the recuperation time for this is very, very long. Like months before he is back to normal. We have a long road ahead.

So what have I been doing? Well I have continued my 365 pics despite all that has been going on. I am totally committed to that project. I have also managed to do some scrapping at the hospital.

This is the mini I made for the July Dig Deeper Kit. Although this was made prior to this ordeal, the theme really hits the nail on the head with what I'm going through. The theme is "Issues". If I only knew what "issues" lay ahead when I made this mini. Ironically enough one of the tabs in the book is about health. I think I'll have a lot to add to that chapter. Here is a closer look.

I'll take some better pics and post when I get some time.

This is my scrapjacked layout for the July 1st jack.

And now for some 365 love. Get ready, I haven't loaded these in quite a while so there are tons! And I'm too lazy to put them in the proper order. Lots of hospital shots.

And would you believe that I have more to share but I'm exhausted. I'll have to post my other scrappies later.

So that's that. I go back to the hospital tomorrow to be with my hubs. Hopefully I will be well rested after a night at home in my own bed. It felt SO good to come home and put Zane to bed. You can't believe how much you miss routine until it's gone. And during the craziness of all of these health issues, Friday night when I jumped out of bed to see about David, I knocked my glasses off the night stand and stepped on them. So needless to say I'm in need of a new pair. I am scheduled to see about that tomorrow. So for my next 365s you may be seeing my new specks! Ok, off to bed for me. Please keep us in your prayers.



Kelli said...

oh my Michelle. I hope he's okay. I'll be praying for you and thinking of you during this very difficult time. I'm sure Zane knows how much you love him and is worried about his Daddy too, so I will be praying for that as well. Take Care and keep us posted.

staceyfike said...

i've been thinking about you guys and i wondered how d was.
yikes, i'm glad they've at least figured out what's wrong.
i hope he starts feeling much better soon.
let me know if i can do anything.

Kate O'Brien said...

thinking of you and praying. keep me posted.


stephanie howell said...

i feel like the biggest asshole in the world for not knowing this was going on. please forgive me, friend.
i'm glad to hear he is better now.
big hugs.