Friday, July 11, 2008


Yes, home. Exhaused. Frustrated with medical dealings. Needing some me time. Not seeing it any time soon. Tending to house, laudry, dishes, baby, baths, hubs, meds, fever, oxygen setups, follow up appointments...need I go on? Ok, I'm totally going crash...hopefully. If I can get all of my "to dos" out of my head long enough to actually fall asleep. I have to teach a little mini class at a local scrap event and I have a few design team deadlines to make so as soon as I find time to breathe, I'll try to make that happen. Wish me luck.
Above is my 365 from today, taken while we waited to be discharged. Below was my self from yesterday. I love how the colors pop in it.


Chez said...

been thinking about ya a lot. So have the girls! Are you all ok? Hopefully your hubs is home and you are getting some sort of rest.

big hugs girl!

LindseYaYa said...

Yippeee!!! I love you. Loved your call today... love dah.vide rocking the oxy. I promise to spoil yall soon........ I've been nuts, but you've cut me so much slack... thanks for that.... I'll be better soon. Hey, Sugar? I'M COMIN HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!