Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just a few pics

Uneventful weekend.
Adjusting to being home. David is doing so much better...still very limited on activities and on oxygen but doing much better over all. I'm still exhausted from tending to him, Zane, the house, groceries, and all that comes with a family all by myself. I know it's just the three of us but I rely on David for so much. I know you single mothers & mothers of more than one child are rolling your eyes right about now...but for me this is taking some getting used to. I haven't had time to do anything other than tend to the family and household stuff. I did get some help though. A neighbor and good friend (hi Andrea!) sent pizza over to us on Friday night and another neighbor brought over supper Saturday night so we didn't have to worry about cooking all weekend. That was awesome! Oh and my mom came and helped me clean up a bit today too. By "a bit" I mean scrubbing floors. I think I'm becoming a germ-a-phob now. Great. So yeah, I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and Zane's room. Now I just have the living room and office/craftroom. Those are the biggies. Also taught a little mini class at Camp-Crop-A-Lot put on by Memory Mania here in BR. I was very sad to not be able to stay all weekend and crop like I usually do...but it did me good to get out and see everyone for a couple hours.

And here is what i will indulge in tonight. B&J's Cherry Garcia. *sigh* Appropriate for my 365 for today. The above picture is from Saturday as I was walking into the hotel for my class.

OH and congrats sugarbutt on closing on your new casa! I can't wait to come see it in all it's glory! I'm so proud of ya'll and so happy to have you "home"!

Alright ladies & gigglefins...I'm gonna go get some shuteye.


random moments said...

I've always thought you were Super Mom with your babycare, cooking, full time working and serious scrapping.

Adore the earrings you're sporting in the cherry garcia pic. Well, adore the cherry garcia too...

Glad you guys are finally home!

Mandi said...

love the feet picture! :) So cute.

Kelli said...

I love your 365s! esp the yummo B&Js...Cherry Garcia isn't really my fave...but anything Ben and J's gets me going!