Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm...

That's how it feels right now. The clouds have rolled in and it has just started raining.
It's got a good breeze and it's hot. It's hard to believe that in a few hours we will have winds in excess of 100 mph. Sugarbutt said some profound things about our great state that you might want to read if you love Louisiana or are just interested in how much we love it. She has put things into words so're a great writer sugar!
So we went to my parents to help them get their house secure and pick up things laying around the yard and I had my camera...this is the result...
*check out that peanut butter and jelly grin!*

We returned to our neighborhood to find houses boarded up and people buzzing with activity. Hauling jugs of water, picking up loose items in the yard, boarding up windows and such.

We didn't board up our house but I think we are well prepared. We weathered Katrina ok so I think we will be fine.

So as the weather gets bad, I leave you with a couple of layouts I did in the last couple days. The first one was for a challenge over at The challenge was to create your own patterned paper.

This one is for the Sept. 1st scrapjacked. Ya'll are gonna love our target! Go check them out on the first.

And finally, my 365 for today...taken this morning as we straitened the yard.

Ok, well I'm most likely going to be without electricity for a while with the storm so I'll type ya when I type ya!


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Louisiana Saturday Night

Just waiting. Anticipating the storm. Annoying really.
So this morning we packed up and went to the LSU football game! It was very last minute. Sugarbutt had some extra tickets because their out of town guests cancelled the trip (sorry Erica!). So we jumped at the chance to see the national champions play. This was only my second time in tiger stadium and I must say it was just as magical. Hotter and MUCH brighter since the last game was a night one...but still magical. They moved the game from a 4:00 kick off to 10 a.m. because they are going to start evacuating New Orleans and will start contraflow so all the traffic is heading out. Needless to say we left at half time just so we made sure to not get caught up in that mess!

So on to the game...We were so flippin' close! You see this picture....

We were standing up in front our seats! We were literally on the field..on the first row! Crazy. Here are some of the highlights...
Mike the tiger taking a lap around the field.

*amused by the band members "secret" hand shake.* When you sit close you notice stuff, ok.
Snappin' pictures of touch downs!

Baking in the Louisiana sun.

And waving at Sugarbutt and her boys that were a few rows up from us.

There was so much more to it really...just not that many pictures. Some were on Lindsey's camera which I'm sure she is editing and playing with as we speak. Send them my way sugar!

There was also Starbucks, nachos and a deli run. All so good. Well that's all for now. off to enjoy some quite time...what's left of the kiddo's nap! I think we may snuggle in to a good movie and some popcorn tonight.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

So much to blog

Ok, way too much to blog about.

Still loving the shots from above for my 365s by the way.

So on to what I've been up to. Made this layout for the last The Art is Found prompt and it was choosen for layout of the day over SIS. Very proud I must say. I really did love this layout.
Making invitations and getting ready for this...
Going with the hubs to buy this...

Taking more 365 pics

Scrapin' more...another for the latest The Art is Found prompt.
And watching and preparing for Gustav. Yes, looks like he is headed right for me! Yikes!

Oh, did I mention we had to cancel our beach trip. Yeah. Canceled. Damit!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Amazing Weekend. Just Amazing.

Ahhh yes, amazing indeed. Although we missed a couple things on the tentative agenda, we had so much more that we planned. We did indeed have lemon drop martinis (as seen in my above 365 pic from yesterday).

We also managed to go antiquing which was fabulous. We simply must do that again.

Seen here with our very large bags of goodies. That will have to be a post all it's own!

Snapped lots of cute pics of the boys, like this one taken by sugarbutt.
Got to watch James run his little boat in the lake.
Kicked around the soccer ball. (He gets that from his daddy.)
Watched the boys play in the sand/water table. *note to self: must get one of these*
Zane's favorite was the water side. The sand texture freaks him out a little. Hmmm, that beach trip is going to be interesting.
And the crabs...oh the crabs. I'm still full. Seriously. Lindsey and I got quite competitive about how many we could down. I think it was a tie. *wink*
These among other fun things that we didn't get pictures of like the talent show where James sang and preformed, the people watching from the back patio where we got a very loud after dark lesson on how to mow the grass from the neighbor and much more.
So on to today. This was my 365, with all the political and value discussions that my friends and I have had lately, this was fitting.

Well off to nite, nite before I start my short week. *smooch*

Friday, August 22, 2008

What's on tap for the weekend?

Yep, it's Friday and I'm so happy to start my weekend. Here are a couple 365s from today and yesterday. I got caught by a train yesterday morning, which I was annoyed about. So what's a girl to do but take pictures.
So I have a wonderful day of fun planned for tomorrow. We are going to spend the day with sugarbutt. What are we doing you ask? Well I'm glad you asked...

1) Lebanese for Lunch (don't forget the hummas & Labanese tea)
2) After Lunch Coffee
3) Antiquing
4) Girl Talk & photo ops
5) Taco Dip
6) Wading in the pool
7) Boil Crabs
8) Lake Gazing on the Patio
9) Lemon Drop Martinis
10) Grass Hunting and more photo ops

Oh just the thought of it gets me all excited! Can't wait.

So I haven't been so creative this week. In a bit of a scrappy slump. So I picked up the jewelry supplies instead! Take a gander.

You like? I think I'll update my etsy this weekend too.

Well all for now. Laters!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mid-week Blahs

Not much to say. The boy is feeling better so that's good. Just a couple 365s to share.

All for now. I'll try to get my scrap on so I'll have some more pretties to share tomorrow.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Speaking of vomit...

Zane is still sick and I think I am now too. And speaking of vomit...
Since we are still planning a late summer beach trip, I had to find a swim suit to fit my post baby body. I finally found a suit that didn't make me want to vomit once i saw it on my forever changed body. This was a huge step for me. It's the least amount of clothing I've had on in public in over 3 years. It really is a scarry thought.

On to happier topics, here is a little peek at the kit add on over at Dig Deeper. I just love this kit to pieces and this add on is such a perfect addition. Check it out.

Alright well I'm off to get some sleep because I know my little guy won't sleep through the night with the way he is acting.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


That was my weekend. Delightful. Tons of pics.
Friday was a quite night at home. Then Saturday we were up early to attend the air show at the air port. Despite a quite soggy start, we were treated to some up close looks at some pretty cool aircraft.

Zane seemed to enjoy it all and was quite laid back all day. Which if you know my son, you will know that is so unlike him! LOL!
Then we were off to my sugarbutt's new casa to have lunch and relax. We sat on her back patio and just watched the rain, caught up and planned our events for next weekend.
While we chatted, this is what Zane was up to...
Then, after a quick pit stop back home and after dropping off little man with grandma, we went meet these two for dinner and drinks.
It was nice to sit down and chat with Jill and her hubs to be about the upcoming wedding, house buying and all that fun stuffs. After a *free* dinner at the Blue Fish Grill we proceeded downtown for drinks. *Oh and when I said free dinner, that is because one of my shrimp wasn't cooked...FREE...they like would not let us pay. Crazy. One shrimp on a platter FULL of shrimp, crabs and sausage and they gave all four of us our meal for free. C-R-A-Z-Y. We just chalked it up to Karma. It's sort of us getting a little something back.
So yeah, we hung out. I had a couple drinks...David sipped on red bull.
We hung out with these crazy guys.
And I took my traditional "in the club peace shot".
Well that's about all. Fun and fabulous. Well, fun and fabulous till tonight when Zane started throwing up. Ick. Too much fun and good times always ends up with someone vomiting. LOL! Hopefully it's just because he cried and screamed and threw such a fit because he was so tired and cross. We will just have to see how he does tonight and in the morning. Wish us luck.
Well this was my 365 from today while cruising around Baton Rouge drinking my decaf cinnamon dolce. Yummers!