Sunday, August 24, 2008

Amazing Weekend. Just Amazing.

Ahhh yes, amazing indeed. Although we missed a couple things on the tentative agenda, we had so much more that we planned. We did indeed have lemon drop martinis (as seen in my above 365 pic from yesterday).

We also managed to go antiquing which was fabulous. We simply must do that again.

Seen here with our very large bags of goodies. That will have to be a post all it's own!

Snapped lots of cute pics of the boys, like this one taken by sugarbutt.
Got to watch James run his little boat in the lake.
Kicked around the soccer ball. (He gets that from his daddy.)
Watched the boys play in the sand/water table. *note to self: must get one of these*
Zane's favorite was the water side. The sand texture freaks him out a little. Hmmm, that beach trip is going to be interesting.
And the crabs...oh the crabs. I'm still full. Seriously. Lindsey and I got quite competitive about how many we could down. I think it was a tie. *wink*
These among other fun things that we didn't get pictures of like the talent show where James sang and preformed, the people watching from the back patio where we got a very loud after dark lesson on how to mow the grass from the neighbor and much more.
So on to today. This was my 365, with all the political and value discussions that my friends and I have had lately, this was fitting.

Well off to nite, nite before I start my short week. *smooch*


random moments said...

Aww you girls are too cute. I mean, who dresses up that pretty for a crab boil? ;)

And antique-ing - *gasp* - I must know where this lil shop is you went. I do have a to fill up a house soon ya know. :)

dana said...

you look beautiful in all your pictures!!