Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another weekend gone...

Another weekend has come and gone....and I'm feeling blessed.
No, nothing profound has happened. No, I haven't had any big changes or anything like that. I just have been feeling very blessed these days. Very centered. Very satisfied. I'm comfortable in my own skin and so thankful for my family.
So I just posted my mini for August over at Dig Deeper. The theme was summer and I think this little mini sums up my summer loves just perfect. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial to show how I bound it together with the felt spine.

I used a lot of extras that were in the add on kit (which are still availiable). You can see more of my pages here.
Here are a couple of other scrappies I managed this weekend too.
This is the August first jack over at Scrapjacked. I was so happy to use some of my felt flower ribbon I've been hording and I got a little painty! LOL!
And one more 365 from Saturday while strolling around shopping.

*wheeww* another long post. Sorry! Would you believe I STILL have stuff I have to post?! Damn. Lots of pics and scrappies!


random moments said...

Wow, I'm seriously looking like a slacker after seeing this post. I have sooo much back up to share on my blog, its not even funny.

Beautimous scrappies!

LindseYaYa said...

I know the feeling... and you're so right. Life is about perspective. When you choose to see the bright side of things, everything seems more sunny. And Sun is a good thing. Spread that positive goodness everywhere you go- people will be glad you did. xo