Friday, August 08, 2008

Camera Saga, Etsy Update & 365's

So the Rebel is gone. Returned. I got the rebel XIi but had some issues with it reading the memory card. So I when I brought it back, they didn't have any more in stock and they said they would not be getting anymore. Since I was already physically ill from the amount of money I had spent and couldn't bare to upgrade any further, I down graded to a high end point and shoot...the Sony Cyber Shot. I know I will most likely regret it but I figured that my pictures wouldn't be any better with the Rebel (worst most likely) because I wouldn't take the time to read up on it and learn it. So I think I made the right decision. Hell I hope so. So now I have a new cyber shot and a new copy of photo shop that a friend gave me (thanks Eliz!) so now instead of learning the Rebel, I have to learn photo shop! Damn. I hate the learning process! LOL!
Here is my 365 from yesterday. mmmMMMM Icee on a hot Louisiana day.

The beautiful Baton Rouge sunset yesterday...shot with my new Cyber Shot.

And below is a peek of my Etsy shop items that I have just added. I'll be adding more as the weekend goes on. Check it out.


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random moments said...

WHERE did you get your shirt? I must have one.

Glad you're getting back into jewelry - you were always so great at it! And don't feel sick about the camera, I'm sure yours it just perfect for what you need it for. Plus, they're always coming out with something more new and improved so you'll always wonder (or at least I do) if I should have gotten this one or that one instead. Love the one your with. Hah!