Friday, August 01, 2008

Come here Friday, let me hug your neck!

Yep, Friday. I felt like crap this morning when I woke up but I put on this pretty new necklace I purchased from greenerica on etsy and I felt a little better. Thanks sweets!Now some scrapage...
This is the August 1st jack that is going to be announced shortly. Stay tuned to the scrapjacked blog to see who we jacked this time.This is a fun page I did the other day. As you most likely know, I am currently obsessed with Juno. So I found this Junoish font and had to have it. It's called "pointy" from The picture is from a digi page I did on scrapblog and the background is masking tape.
And a few more 365s from the past couple of days...

Then last night for supper we had some good 'ol comfort food. Some ground meat stew (from

And hot fudge brownie cupcakes for desert.

Did I mention my hubs lost 30 pounds while in the hospital? Can you tell I'm trying to fatten him up?! LOL!

Dang that was a lot. Man I've got to stop letting this stuff pile up on me and post more during the week! And would you belive that that's not all? I have a few more things to share but I'll post that later.

Happy Friday!

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LindseYaYa said...

Oh! I love that first layout. The quote is so right on... I love it when I show up here at your cozy little space in your life. I'd love to go thrift this weekend if you are feeling up to it. I need to inform MarcusHotness of this desire to thrift... just in case his birthday weekend doesn't tolerate it. BUT, maybe we can work it in. Yes?