Sunday, August 17, 2008


That was my weekend. Delightful. Tons of pics.
Friday was a quite night at home. Then Saturday we were up early to attend the air show at the air port. Despite a quite soggy start, we were treated to some up close looks at some pretty cool aircraft.

Zane seemed to enjoy it all and was quite laid back all day. Which if you know my son, you will know that is so unlike him! LOL!
Then we were off to my sugarbutt's new casa to have lunch and relax. We sat on her back patio and just watched the rain, caught up and planned our events for next weekend.
While we chatted, this is what Zane was up to...
Then, after a quick pit stop back home and after dropping off little man with grandma, we went meet these two for dinner and drinks.
It was nice to sit down and chat with Jill and her hubs to be about the upcoming wedding, house buying and all that fun stuffs. After a *free* dinner at the Blue Fish Grill we proceeded downtown for drinks. *Oh and when I said free dinner, that is because one of my shrimp wasn't cooked...FREE...they like would not let us pay. Crazy. One shrimp on a platter FULL of shrimp, crabs and sausage and they gave all four of us our meal for free. C-R-A-Z-Y. We just chalked it up to Karma. It's sort of us getting a little something back.
So yeah, we hung out. I had a couple drinks...David sipped on red bull.
We hung out with these crazy guys.
And I took my traditional "in the club peace shot".
Well that's about all. Fun and fabulous. Well, fun and fabulous till tonight when Zane started throwing up. Ick. Too much fun and good times always ends up with someone vomiting. LOL! Hopefully it's just because he cried and screamed and threw such a fit because he was so tired and cross. We will just have to see how he does tonight and in the morning. Wish us luck.
Well this was my 365 from today while cruising around Baton Rouge drinking my decaf cinnamon dolce. Yummers!


random moments said...

Love it! Yay for free food. And for Frock Candy, bands that play Wild Thang, and for the pregnant chic that danced like it was her last time.

Good times.

Send me those fab pics? Of you and D too? You know I gotta blog about this stuff next... ;)

LindseYaYa said...

I loved having yall over... next week will be nice... and eventually we will be so good at hanging out again, that yall will never leave. ;) Oh, it seems that you've worked a little *black*frame* love on some of your pics! Good for you. xo


Marley K. D. said...

hey michelle, can you email me the pics from fox & the hound and the ones from the roux house? Thanks...Marley

ps- email is