Saturday, August 30, 2008

Louisiana Saturday Night

Just waiting. Anticipating the storm. Annoying really.
So this morning we packed up and went to the LSU football game! It was very last minute. Sugarbutt had some extra tickets because their out of town guests cancelled the trip (sorry Erica!). So we jumped at the chance to see the national champions play. This was only my second time in tiger stadium and I must say it was just as magical. Hotter and MUCH brighter since the last game was a night one...but still magical. They moved the game from a 4:00 kick off to 10 a.m. because they are going to start evacuating New Orleans and will start contraflow so all the traffic is heading out. Needless to say we left at half time just so we made sure to not get caught up in that mess!

So on to the game...We were so flippin' close! You see this picture....

We were standing up in front our seats! We were literally on the field..on the first row! Crazy. Here are some of the highlights...
Mike the tiger taking a lap around the field.

*amused by the band members "secret" hand shake.* When you sit close you notice stuff, ok.
Snappin' pictures of touch downs!

Baking in the Louisiana sun.

And waving at Sugarbutt and her boys that were a few rows up from us.

There was so much more to it really...just not that many pictures. Some were on Lindsey's camera which I'm sure she is editing and playing with as we speak. Send them my way sugar!

There was also Starbucks, nachos and a deli run. All so good. Well that's all for now. off to enjoy some quite time...what's left of the kiddo's nap! I think we may snuggle in to a good movie and some popcorn tonight.


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