Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mixed Feelings on the Weekend Review

This weekend was a bit disappointing. Just one of those weekends when nothing you plan actually happens like it's supposed to.

Yesterday we were supposed to take Zane to the hot air balloon festival to see all the balloons. But as we were driving down the road to the field, we began to see balloons going up in the air. And soon, this was the site as we drove down the road. Damit. We missed them. Zane started pointing and saying "balloon". I felt aweful for being so late that we missed them. I really wanted him to see them up close to see how big they are. Sooooo...we decided to try it again this afternoon. We got there super early this time. We hung around for like an hour and still no balloons. Soon the sky started getting gloomy and the wind picked up. Apparently, the weather was not condusive to raising balloons....there were NO balloons. Poo. So we ended up with a couple of sno balls and a bag of fresh kettle corn. Oh well, there's always next year...right?!

Well Saturday night after we failed at trying to bring the son to see the balloons, we dropped Z off at the in-laws for the night and met some friends for Sushi. Love this sushi place.

Then it was off to a Sullivans (a swanky steakhouse) for drinks...lemon drop martinis to be exact. I had two. They were delish.

And we wrapped it up hanging out at this equally swank place where we just sat and chatted and caught up with old pals.
So I'm totally enjoying my new camera. Yes there is a lot to be is only a point and shoot after all but I love it...warts and all. Here are a few cute shots I got of my little man in his jammies and David's hat.

Well that's all tonight folks. "Fun" Monday morning ahead of me. Laters!


random moments said...

Its 630 and I already got a case of the Mondays...

Don't feel bad about the balloons. My sister did the exact same thing!

My momma calls me smartypants... said...

Hey Michelle...I read yours and Kate's blogs faithfully...hers isn't up anymore and I hope she is ok. Please tell her hello for me and let her know I hope she comes back with all that cool inspiration she has! Thanks...
Sorry for your camera woes..I have the digital XTi and love it...I bet it is cheaper might check!