Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So it's Wednesday

Today's top story...the Sanders Family has a new camera. But first...some 365s.
Loving the shots from above.

Here I'm rocking my fab earrings from greenerica on etsy.
And today's 365, taken with my new....REBEL.
Yes I took the plunge. No I haven't a clue what I'm doing. Yes I'm sick over the money I've spent on it. But I have the hubs blessing and hopefully my friends that own a Rebel help me out. Jill, Kate...HELP!

Oh and I'm going to put some of my jewelry up in my etsy shop. Any interest?

That's all for now. Off to finish supper and settle in for some Project Runway.


LindseYaYa said...

Ooooh goody for you. That's so flippin exciting! I know so many people who love their rebels... I hope this one is just right for you. We certainly will give people *camera envy* when we hop around town together. Lets go shoot something! xo

random moments said...

BIG applause on the new camera and putting your jewelry on etsy! I'm still learning about mine girlie. Baby steps... I'll help ya out in any way I can, except mine is a Nikon. Prob has all the same bells & whistles tho. I smell a photo sesh coming on soon...

SO glad you are putting your jewelries up. I'm SWAMPED all of a sudden with custom orders. I actually have a waiting list. A WAITING LIST? Obsurd! I can't seem to catch up. I blame it on Etsy. Damn you Etsy! :)

Dreaming of a day when all us Crafties can get together and do nothing but craft lovelies all day and make a living off nothing but our love of all things artsy. *sigh*

My, I've written you a novel, haven't I? :) Congrats on the new camera!!

Christina C. said...

congats on the rebel, I seriously think you will not regret it.

GreenErica said...

Those earrings are so friggin cute on you! Can't wait to see your jewelry on Etsy!!! We should do a bead swap!

Congrats on your new camera. I'm only a little jealous....