Thursday, August 28, 2008

So much to blog

Ok, way too much to blog about.

Still loving the shots from above for my 365s by the way.

So on to what I've been up to. Made this layout for the last The Art is Found prompt and it was choosen for layout of the day over SIS. Very proud I must say. I really did love this layout.
Making invitations and getting ready for this...
Going with the hubs to buy this...

Taking more 365 pics

Scrapin' more...another for the latest The Art is Found prompt.
And watching and preparing for Gustav. Yes, looks like he is headed right for me! Yikes!

Oh, did I mention we had to cancel our beach trip. Yeah. Canceled. Damit!

1 comment:

Christina Padilla said...

hey lady!
love your recent stuff! LOTD at go girl!

Love the invites for baby z! cuteness foreal.

I hope Gus passes you by....stay safe!

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