Friday, August 22, 2008

What's on tap for the weekend?

Yep, it's Friday and I'm so happy to start my weekend. Here are a couple 365s from today and yesterday. I got caught by a train yesterday morning, which I was annoyed about. So what's a girl to do but take pictures.
So I have a wonderful day of fun planned for tomorrow. We are going to spend the day with sugarbutt. What are we doing you ask? Well I'm glad you asked...

1) Lebanese for Lunch (don't forget the hummas & Labanese tea)
2) After Lunch Coffee
3) Antiquing
4) Girl Talk & photo ops
5) Taco Dip
6) Wading in the pool
7) Boil Crabs
8) Lake Gazing on the Patio
9) Lemon Drop Martinis
10) Grass Hunting and more photo ops

Oh just the thought of it gets me all excited! Can't wait.

So I haven't been so creative this week. In a bit of a scrappy slump. So I picked up the jewelry supplies instead! Take a gander.

You like? I think I'll update my etsy this weekend too.

Well all for now. Laters!


LindseYaYa said...

Bring it, sistah! I may make up some Margs and Mo-jit-toes to keep in the freezer... I need to find some mint for my martinis... Besides, not sure if I can drink anyway.




random moments said...

WHAT?! LINDSEY just dropped a serious bomb on ya, didn't she?

Really diggin the hootie owls!

Keka said...

Sounds like you have a great day to look forward to. Have lots of fun! I unfortunately have to work, thank God for my plans to go to Six Flags on Wednesday!