Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally a proper celebration

Sunday we finally got to celebrate Zane's 2nd birthday properly. Here are the highlights... Blowing out the candles...

The cake that I baked while suppressing a migraine the night before.
Cupcakes for the kiddos...

Two of my lovelies meeting for the first time...
Baby Cooper & little Brode hanging out and having fun.
Sugarbutt dispensing some cupcake love to James Neil...
Taylor REALLY enjoyed that cupcake. *note the icing on her mama's arm.
Enjoying his newly rebuilt playground...
Getting kisses blown from nanny...
Daddy playing peek-a-boo...
Giving mama some birthday love...
My sweet sugarbutt and the Whitty glad to have them back from TX.

And this sweet face was right after he saw his "big" present from grandma & grandpa...his new bike!
Pinata action as Claire pulls the winning string...

Then there was the hayride (minus the hay). We piled everyone up on the trailer pulled by paw paw's tracker and headed out around the neighborhood. Zane parked his bike up front and lead the way.
James seemed like he enjoyed the ride as he sat back and munched on his "magical chex mix" (at least his mama says it's magical). Oh and sugarbutt, I can't take the photo credit (obviously)...Thanks Rita for this wonderful shot!

Doesn't this just look like a screenshot from the Duke's of Hazard?! I keep waiting for the narrator's voice to come over and talk about what those Duke boys are up to this time! LOL!

Here we are riding off into the sunset. I love this one.
We forgot the balloons until after the party but by did Zane have fun popping each and every one of them in the front yard! What a perfect end to a perfect day.

We had a great turnout despite some family being out of town and various other obligations. The weather was just beautiful and the sun was just perfect for pictures. So after 24 balloons, 12 cupcakes, 8 goodie bags, 1 big homemade cake a hayride (minus the hay) and countless gifts, the birthday boy (and his mama) can finally rest knowing he has celebrated his birthday.

Thanks to all that came, you made it a great day! Sorry I didn't get pics of everyone, playing host AND photographer has it's downfalls you know!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The weekend is over...

Back to the grind tomorrow.
So just a few pics to end the weekend. A random pic of Zane above. And 365's from Fri, Sat & Sun.
*you have to click on this one to see my narration. It was not such a great pic when I first saw it but then I realized all the little pieces of me in it and had to point them out. I know you can't see it very well but I point out such things as the YMCA tag on my keyring despite the fact that I don't always go, my tank top undershirt because I don't do cleavage, my polka dot lanyard from ScrapEtc that helps me find my keys and my huge overlap on my watch band because my wrists are so flippin' small.

Yes sugarbutt, I went to the Loft. I see your love for it now. I came, I saw, I purchased.

And my pic from today with my tribute to my tats.

Now a couple of pages I did over the weekend for Scrapgal. I did a few more that I can't share until after the Scrapgal newsletter comes out on the first.

Check out that pic on the last layout...that was my little guy's very first Halloween. Hard to believe we are coming up on his third Halloween. Crazy. I still want to dress him as an Umpaloompa. Wouldn't he be precious in those white overalls and green hair? I think so.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Insurance sucks.

Yes insurance agents suck. Now that I have that out of my system...365's.

I just love including my little guy in my 365 pics.

Cupcakes for my guys at work.

Flashcards for a presentation I had to give at work. Yes it made me look like a nerd...but boy did they help.

And now for an isolated little mojo is gone. This was actually made during the hurricane while our lights were out.

Well that's all for now. I'm thinking of having a garage sale this weekend. Once I get all that junk cleared out I may have Zane's rescheduled birthday party...since it was canceled because of the storm. Am I crazy for wanting to have his party at our house? Grrrr! I can't have it at the park now because they are not maintaining it right now and they are using the area for a make shift government assistance staging area so there are A LOT of people of all walks of life lingering and lerking there. Not ideal for a two year old's birthday. SO what do you think...a home bound party? yikes!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sharing some pics...

Still on a cleaning/organization kick. Not much time to do much else. But I did manage to scrap this page for scrapjacked.

And a few 365s to share. I'm so behind on posting these.
Sporting my latest pretty from Beautiful.
A pic I stole from sugarbutt's blog of us at the LSU game a couple weeks ago.
And a random shot of Zane that I took while we were refugees of the storm! LOL!
And I have even more pics (mostly 365s) to share but I'll save that for another day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Silver Lining...

I think I found it. Sort of.
So the silver lining to having everything go bad in your fridge is that you get to start all over again with a clean fridge and tons of space. So much space that my sweet husband had enough room to make a pitcher of lemonade and actually have a place to store it! LOL! Speaking of space... this is what my Tupperware cabinet looks like now.
Have you ever stayed somewhere and it was so nice and neat and clean that when you got home you wanted to totally reorganize? Well thanks to staying at my uncle's for nearly a week, that is how I feel right now. I have been in mad, crazy cleaning mode and my food storage containers were not immune. I threw away an entire bag of old, odd containers. This is certainly a sight that pleases my eyes.

Ok, well I'm off to eat my take out Chinese, drink my daiquiri and watch me some LSU tigers play ball! See my boys all geared up to watch? Woot!

*and yes, my hubs is wearing Zane's sunglasses. He's such a good dad. *heart*

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Still trying to get back to "normal"

I came across this picture from when the president flew into Baton Rouge last week to look at the hurricane damage.
Amazing that Air Force One was sitting in the same spot this picture was taken just two weeks prior (at the Baton Rouge Air Show). Crazy.

Anyways, I saw this and had to share...I edited it to show some of our lessons we learned too.

Gustav's Guide to Hurricane Survival
Lessons learned during and after the storm

The hurricane grouch quotient can be calculated by adding the number of children and pets in a home without power, multiplied by the number of days quoted on the power company telephone recording, divided by the number of fans and portable air conditioners powered by your home generator, (however, if you were last in line at Home Depot and have no generator then multiply by the daily high for that day), then add the number of trips to the washateria and the days left until school/daycare reopens. Discount by the percentage of time spent at a neighbor or family members that has power. Recalculate as needed.

No mater how many times you flick the switch, lights won't work without electricity.

It's the only time you'll ever be jealous of someone with gas cans strapped to the roof of their car.

Vienna sausages only appear on the food pyramid during hurricane season.

Gas mileage is recalculated based on miles per fume.

Lovebugs do not disappear in 80+ mph winds.

Disasters can cancel 1 LSU football game but there will be even bigger casualties if we cancel 2.

Baton Rouge resembles Mexico City without traffic lights.

The drain pan under a defrosted freezer can smell like a dead body.

MRE Emergency Meals taste like canned chunky soup and spaghetti 'os .

A frozen jug of water will keep a gallon of milk cold for 2 days in an ice chest.

There are/were a lot of really big trees around here

People will get into a line that has already formed without having any idea what the line is for.

Calories consumed during a hurricane or power outage don't count.

Telemarketers function no matter what the weather is doing.

Most popular text message after September 1st was "do you have power?"

Crickets can increase their volume to overcome the sound of 14 generators.

Dirty clothes in an unsupervised hamper multiply at an exponential rate.

Coffee, spaghetti, french fries and frozen pizzas can be made on a grill.

He who has the biggest generator wins.

Tree service companies are under-appreciated except after a hurricane.

There are a lot more stars in the sky than most people thought.

If you owned a store that sold only ice, chain saws, gas, generators, you would be rich.

But the most important lesson is that the human spirit in south Louisiana has an amazing resilience that even a hurricane can not break.
Well I guess I have to get back to work now if I want to have any hope of paying for the generator and air conditioning unit we had to fork out money for this week. But we have to be prepared...although the next storm (IKE) will miss us, we are still expected to get 40 mph or more gusts of wind, heavy rain and power outages. Better to have the piece of mind!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The lights are on!

Hell to the yeah! The lights are on and we are home for the night! Wanna see some of the damage and the reason why we were without lights for 9 days?!

See the large steal support tower for the power lines lying in the field...there were at least 6-10 of these twisted on the ground. *note the power lines laying on the road at the bottom of the frame*

Now you can see the trees and downed telephone poles that have pulled lines down. This was on my mom's street.

This was the fence on the side of our house.
This was our flooded side street and backyard.
The tree that fell inches from Zane's bedroom window and his mangled swing set.
One of the trees that fell on my mom's house and travel trailer.
The other tree that went through the roof of my parent's bedroom.
So all in all, we weathered the storm ok and we are recovering. As I mentioned, we have been without lights for 9 days now so Internet is a precious thing to me right now. This experience as been very trying. Gustav was unlike any storm in our history. I know it wasn't the worst ever but it was the worse this area has seen in our time. Grocery stores don't have food, people don't have lights, gas is scarce, phones are knocked out, cell phones don't work 95% of the time, homes are damaged (some destroyed), children are not allowed back to school and we still have another storm about to hit the gulf. Now that we have our lights back, I do think we are on the upward swing but only time will tell.
Now on to better pics...the soothing room we stayed in at my uncle's house (my great grandmother's old house)

Our stay here was fabulous. HUGE thanks to my uncle! Gotta love family!