Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The lights are on!

Hell to the yeah! The lights are on and we are home for the night! Wanna see some of the damage and the reason why we were without lights for 9 days?!

See the large steal support tower for the power lines lying in the field...there were at least 6-10 of these twisted on the ground. *note the power lines laying on the road at the bottom of the frame*

Now you can see the trees and downed telephone poles that have pulled lines down. This was on my mom's street.

This was the fence on the side of our house.
This was our flooded side street and backyard.
The tree that fell inches from Zane's bedroom window and his mangled swing set.
One of the trees that fell on my mom's house and travel trailer.
The other tree that went through the roof of my parent's bedroom.
So all in all, we weathered the storm ok and we are recovering. As I mentioned, we have been without lights for 9 days now so Internet is a precious thing to me right now. This experience as been very trying. Gustav was unlike any storm in our history. I know it wasn't the worst ever but it was the worse this area has seen in our time. Grocery stores don't have food, people don't have lights, gas is scarce, phones are knocked out, cell phones don't work 95% of the time, homes are damaged (some destroyed), children are not allowed back to school and we still have another storm about to hit the gulf. Now that we have our lights back, I do think we are on the upward swing but only time will tell.
Now on to better pics...the soothing room we stayed in at my uncle's house (my great grandmother's old house)

Our stay here was fabulous. HUGE thanks to my uncle! Gotta love family!


Lisa Day said...

Oh my goodness. I had no idea it was even that bad...I mean I knew it was bad...but wow that's bad! I am so glad to hear you are okay though!

TheShermanFam said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing better...but I have to say I'm shocked at the severity...as it is not really being reported on the internet, news...??
I pray things return to "normal" soon.

MeganK said...

Oh my, atleast you guys are all okay! thats what matters!