Sunday, September 07, 2008


Yep, still here. Powerless and staying with a family member but all ok. Lots to share. We stayed clear from windows except for an occassional peek. Zane wasn't scared at all. He just kept saying "rain. outside. want see." So we let him see from time to time during the storm.
The winds were crazy strong, reaching gusts of around 100 mph!As the storm roared outside, Zane celebrated his 2nd birthday. How many two year olds can say they got a storm like Hurricane Gutsav for their birthday?!
I knew we would be without power so I made cupcakes the night before. So glad I did, it sort of made his birthday special and a little "normal". So we dined on cupcakes by candlelight.
Once the storm was over, we went out to take a look at the damage.
Wowza, I had no idea how bad it would be. There wasn't a privacy fince still standing as for as the eye could see. More trees down that you could count. Holes in roofs, busted windows, crushed vehicles, flooded streets, toppled brick walls, overturned boats and swing sets, you name it! The picture above is out tree and swing set. It fell inches from Zane's bedroom. We had some minor roof damage and David's old project car got pretty banged up by some tin and wood from an overhang off of his shop but all in all we did ok.
I had just purchased a spare battery for my camera and had them both charged up as well as my iphone so I had the power of photography at my fingertips at all times....and I used it to document it all.

We colored by the light of a lantern.

This was our flooded backyard. So glad my house is higher than my backyard!

Well right now we are staying at my uncle's house and thanking God for how lucky we are. Here is a view from the window of the house we are staying at. It's actually my great grandmother's old house so it has a huge amount of senatmental value to stay here. I'll post more pictures of where I'm staying and the damage around town later. Just wanted to let you all know that we are OK ... just without power. More soon!


Jessica Ozburn said...

I found your blog through reading Kate O'Brien's blog and dig deeper, and I am so glad everything is okay with you guys. I have been checking back often, waiting for the update...glad you're okay.


kyanea said...

sooo glad to hear from you and that you're doing ok!!!!
sending lots of good thoughts your way!!

Grace said...

Aww so glad you guys are ok and hopefully have power by now. Hugs to all of you hope and pray storms will stay away. Hugs Grace

Holly said...

Hey Michelle! Glad to hear you made it through that hurricane. We're actually in North Carolina, and got hit by Hannah. Nothing nearly as bad as you experienced, but bad nonetheless. Hope Ike heads away from you guys! Stay safe!