Sunday, September 21, 2008

The weekend is over...

Back to the grind tomorrow.
So just a few pics to end the weekend. A random pic of Zane above. And 365's from Fri, Sat & Sun.
*you have to click on this one to see my narration. It was not such a great pic when I first saw it but then I realized all the little pieces of me in it and had to point them out. I know you can't see it very well but I point out such things as the YMCA tag on my keyring despite the fact that I don't always go, my tank top undershirt because I don't do cleavage, my polka dot lanyard from ScrapEtc that helps me find my keys and my huge overlap on my watch band because my wrists are so flippin' small.

Yes sugarbutt, I went to the Loft. I see your love for it now. I came, I saw, I purchased.

And my pic from today with my tribute to my tats.

Now a couple of pages I did over the weekend for Scrapgal. I did a few more that I can't share until after the Scrapgal newsletter comes out on the first.

Check out that pic on the last layout...that was my little guy's very first Halloween. Hard to believe we are coming up on his third Halloween. Crazy. I still want to dress him as an Umpaloompa. Wouldn't he be precious in those white overalls and green hair? I think so.

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Kelli said...

too cute! What that's your first purchase from the loft! I can't believe it! LOL...I love their great sales...I'm a back of the store Loft shopper :)