Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Had a great day at the zoo is the cliff notes version in pictures...

Zane was a scare crow...minus the hat. He did NOT like that hat. Wouldn't even let us put it on him to take a picture!
We enjoyed our family time just hanging out and being us. I've cherished these moments so much lately.
Zane admired the animals, some of the larger ones he admired more from a far! LOL!
The weather was beautiful but the fall photo ops were few and far between...this was one of the only areas set up that we could stop and take cute fall pics. I HAVE to find us a pumpkin patch!
Checking out the flamingos...we have a picture identical to this from last year so that makes this one even cuter.
Then we came to the elks and deer. He kept saying "paw paw's horse". LOL! Apparently they look a lot alike to him.
Oh and then there was the petting zoo. I think he liked that the best. He did great with the goats and loved feeding them.

The above picture was captured after I said "Hey Zane, you want some candy?" That is pretty much the only way we could get him to look at the camera all day! LOL!

That last picture is one of my favs from the day. I love how his costume legs are pulled up. I love how he is peeking around the corner at the animals. I just love the whole feeling of it.
I'll post pictures from Dracula's ball that occured later Saturday night. We did indeed have a ball! I must warn you though, the pictures are a little...ummm, wild. he he!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

he's a cute little scarecrow...minus the scare;0)

LindseYaYa said...

Oh! I love the scarecrow outfit. How cute!!! Make him juvenile as long as possible... eventually he'll insist on being a ninja or that Scream guy. Loved the pics. The scarecrow was his best costume to date. xo