Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall has arrived

Yes I know the official start of fall was a few weeks ago. But you know how certain things trigger that feeling deep inside you that makes you FEEL like it's fall. For me it's the smell of the sugarcane fields burning, the crisp cool mornings and the annual fall festival here in my hometown. Now fall is official.

So Saturday we went watch the LSU game at one of my hubs co-worker's house. We enjoyed the company and some yummy gumbo but I didn't take many pictures. Here are a few...
Then the festival parade which Zane really enjoyed...
We certainly enjoyed the family outing.
Then we went to my parents and had some fun with the camera and the beautiful weather.
Zane got a little leaf raking action in.
And enjoyed playing with his food. He wears his olives just like his mommy used to.
It was such a nice weekend. I've been having some really good days and totally enjoying life and my boys. What could be better?
So I'm thinking of starting to share some of my favorite quick recipes. Anyone interested? I'll post more on that and some scrappage this week!


LindseYaYa said...

That's a precious first picture! I just love it. Sorry we didn't meet up this weekend, but it looks like you had a full weekend! Speaking of pictures, I've got a little camera news of my own... ;)
Happy Tuesday!

random moments said...

Love the olive fingers! Its amazing that such a little one can appreciate the rich taste of olives. My J won't touch 'em at his age! Lol.

Yes, please share the recipes. I've got a few I'll be sharing soon too. Love the fall weather cooking!

Grace said...

Share some recipes please...thank you. Glad you are feeling better keep smiling Hugs Grace