Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday, Gloomy Friday...

Today is so gloomy in my neck of the woods...thank GAWD it's Friday though.
And today our new Scrapjack is posted!

This time we jacked Amy Tangerine! I love the stitching she does! And since I had just got my new Masters Kit in the mail I had to bust it out and incorporate those blues & blacks into it. So much fun!

Oh and I'm boycotting Taco Bell. Why? Because they suck. Their customer service sucks and their employees are rude. I went there last night to pick up a quick bit to eat for me and Zane and bring my parents some as well since they were pooped from a yard sale earlier that day. So after some difficulty taking my order the girl on the other end of the speaker tells me to pull around to the window. I get up there and pay and she tells me to pull up. Since this was a drive through that has concrete curbs, this blocks people behind me from being able to pull off once they get their orders. So needless to say the lady behind me gets very annoyed when she can't get out once she gets her order. She blows. She yells. She makes gestures. I blow. I yell. and so on. Did I mention my 2 year old son was with me? So I try to maintain composure. Well 20 minutes roll by. Yes, I said 20 minutes. And the drive through is backed up like you wouldn't believe. Considering that there was only one car in front of me before I pulled up, they were not that busy and should not be taking this long. So, annoyed and verbally abused, I throw my car into drive and spin around to the other side of the restaurant, unbuckle my son, and stomp into the place. I ask to speak to a manager and wait some more. My order is still not ready at this point. Finally the manager emerges...I demand my money back. He argues. He asks to see my receipt. He insists he fixed that order himself and it went out. I argue. I never got the order. I sat in the drive thru with no where to go for 20 minutes and no food. He argues. He has a HUGE attitude and obviously does not believe me. He reluctantly opens the drawer and begins to count the money that he is going to refund me when I hear the girl at the window saying (with a HUGE attitude) "how she gonna say she aint got her order?!". I then tell the man, look do you think I would sit in the drive thru for 20 minutes with my fussy, hungry child only to come in and demand my money back if I got my order? Do you think that me and my 2 year old sat in the parking lot and consumed 8 hard tacos, a taco salad, a cheese rollup and a nacho supreme all by ourselves? I mean really. Seriously? Now I have have to go find my kid and the rest of my family food at 8 p.m. with no patience or time to wait for another "fast" food place. Get a life. Whatever. I can scratch Taco Bell off the take out options for my family.

Sorry for the rant. The moral of the story...there is no such thing as "fast" food.


Elizabeth said...

Hee hee, you're a crazy woman! But I still love my sunshine!

staceyfike said...

i have two words for you.

e-mail corporate.

oh, and, corporate cares, lol!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love the layout...and H.A.T.E. taco bell...their food sucks!