Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ready for his close up...

Today Zane had his very first photo shoot.
I was for a company in New Orleans that makes diaper bags and other baby supplies.
These are a few pictures I snapped during the process.
My friend Elizabeth was bringing her daughter and told me that they needed a boy around Zane's age/size too so we came along.
This is Elizabeth and her little Izzy.
How cute is she?!
Then, when we were done they told us to each pick out a bag! Score!
I loved that yellow harlequin one but the fleur on that orange one called to me. I already have a bag they make (it's orange too)...David gave it to me for mother's day when I was preggers for Zane. How much of a coincidence is that? See, I blogged about it here and again here.

They are a little on the high end side but way worth it. So durable and very stylish. Check them out... .

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Elizabeth said...

What fun we had today! Thanks for coming and I'm so glad that I had you there to chat with during the drive. Our kids are so cute, I'll be waiting for the next call for the next shoot!! Love ya! Elizabeth