Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas prep & weekend review

Yes this will be the makings of my Christmas decor this year...

White tree, silver ornaments with touches of red, mirror balls and vintage felt elves and red and white gift wrap. I'm very excited about decorating. See I change my decor up every year so it's always new and exciting every year. I just can't wait!

Now for the weekend...Saturday was F-U-L-L!

We started out with our family Cochon Du Lait (our family reunion). I haven't been to it in quite a while since I used to do a craft show every year on that date for years. So it was a treat to get to finally go. This has been a part of my culture since I was a little girl. This year was the 34th annual Cochon Du Lait and although it's not as exciting as years past, it was just as rich in culture and tradition as always.

Of course there was the traditional pig roast. And man that was some delish pork!
Every year they pick a king from all the decedents and this year my daddy was named the "king pig" LOL! SO glad we were able to make it for that!
Zane seemed to enjoy it and had his fair share of hog cracklings! He LOVES them! I only gave him a few but he would have eaten his weight in them if I let him!

My brother took his Godfather duties very seriously by taking him for a walk down the pier and making sure he held his hand and watched his step. He was so cute pointing out all the things on their little nature walk in down the swampy trail to the bayou.
And this picture was just too adorable not to post. This is certainly his best pouty pic yet! Those lips get me every time. And that squint. *be still my heart!*
Then Saturday night we went to a couple shower for my friend Jill who is getting married next month. I made her card and did some stitching on it with the vintage machine I mentioned in my last post. It didn't do so hot on it and jammed up causing my stitching to go a little crazy but she loved it anyway.
Next we went downtown to a fun little pizza joint to grab a bite and kill some time while we wait for another friend of ours, Alissa so we could celebrate her birthday.

After our pizza snack, we met Alissa and gang for a couple drinks. And by drinks I mean coke for me and red bull for David. Damn colds. We both felt like poo so we didn't want to drink and feel worse. We skipped out on bar hopping and turned in early.

Besides a quick Target run today, that's the weekend. Tomorrow starts fresh week. The last full week before the holiday season. Lots to do!


random moments said...

Fabulous tree decor! I can't wait till next year... this year due to lack of time and money we are using the old itty bitty apartment Christmas tree!

And yes, we had a grand ol' time at the shower! So glad y'all could come. I saved your hilarious card and want to make a sort of scrappy holder for all of the special ones. Suggestions?

P.S. - did the indecent art photo turn out? If so, I must have it! :)

LindseYaYa said...

Hi love!

Sorry for my blog.comment.mia of late. I've been distracted. I love the new pics and preview of your new Christmas tree theme. I love investing in *new* additions to our holiday decor each year, too. I'm usually not in to Christmas much- but this year, I can hardly wait. The couchon de lait pics are so neat. I didn't know yall did that. Cool tradition!!! We need to get together soon. Oh, and try the gingersnap latte at SB. It's spicy and yummy... Miss you, too.