Sunday, November 16, 2008

Long Lost 365s

It seems like forever since I posted 365s. I just totally flooded my flickr! Here are some of my latest...
This is my first attempt at sewing. Well on a machine at least. My mom used to sew a ton and she has a number of vintage Singer machines, none of which are in great shape but I managed to find one that works at least part of the time. So...I've been practicing. I hope to get one of my own soon.
Crumby rainy week days suck.
Felt cute this day in my new target shirt.
Snapped this one as I watched Zane run around on the playground at the zoo.
Nothing makes a girl happy like a Starbucks and some Anthro.

This one was taken on election day. Love this one.

And another day at the zoo. This was taken during Zane's first train ride. We have been pretty much every weekend since. Such a great Sunday tradition we have started.

You can see more of the 365s on flickr. There is a link here to the right.

Weekend recap coming up!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

lots of good stuff...

i LOOOOVE my mawmaw's old vintage's a fashion mate...and supposedly can sew through the tough stuff, though so far it's only made me a sling for baby a, a sling for dd's babydolls, a skullie camera strap cover, and 2 jedi robes...yet to use it on paper.