Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Midweek Weekend Recap...

Ok so I'll admit that Wednesday is a little late for a weekend update but at least I'm updating. Right?
Thursday was my dad's long awaited retirement party. My poor dad has waited so long for this point in his life. Dispite a number of illnesses, including a heart condition, he has worked all his life and finally gets to enjoy the joys of retirement. Granted the stock market is looming over his head, but he is staying optimistic. So anyways, we went to a nice little banquet hall and had a lovely dinner in his honor.
He got to spend time with family and friends, some of which he hasn't seen in quite some time. And even got gifts, which he was totally not expecting so that was a nice suprise for him.
The dinner was great and everyone had a great time.
And here he is with my sweet mom. These two mean so much to me and done so much for me and our family. Made so many sacrifices and always encouraged us to follow our hearts and our dreams. They never once pushed us to do anything we didn't want to do but always encouraged us. To me, they have been the best parents anyone could ask for.
Then, Saturday was my niece's first birthday.
My brother is such a proud papa!
So Sunday Zane woke up wanting to ride the choo choo. So off to the zoo we went to ride the train. It was such a beautiful day for it too!
And right there at the zoo playground, I took what is quite possibly the funniest picture of him to date. I thought it was hillarious!

Ok, all for now. Still have a ton of 365s and a few more layouts to share. Maybe a second post is in order today. We'll see.


random moments said...

Photowhore. ;p

Happy Retirement to your Pappy! I so wish mine could retire too. He's tired and he needs to enjoy life before he's too pooped too. *sigh*

Love the silly Zane photo at the end. That kid is you all over!

LindseYaYa said...

Oh! I love this post... mostly because I adore those parentals of your's too. The pic of F and D is so sweet! They are great parents- and are probably the main reason you are as special as you are... well that, and that plaquemine water supply. The pic of Zane at the end is precious. I'm so glad yall are out spending your weekends together.