Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

Well a quick weekend wrap up first...
Friday was nachos with my starshine, Elizabeth at the Broadmoore Arts & Crafts Show.

Damn it was cold out there that night. This was the first year in FOREVER that I wasn't actually a crafter at the fair...just a shopper. It felt so weird! I've been doing craft shows since I was 13. Seriously, it was bizarre.

Saturday was pretty uneventful, can't even remember what i did Saturday to tell you the truth. LOL! I know those LSU tigers got a butt whippin' but we won't discuss that.

Sunday we decided to go downtown and take in the sights.
Snapped a few cool pics. Love this one of the old state capital building.
Went to the museum but since there was no photography allowed, this is all you get...
It was really nice...nicer that I thought it would be and Zane enjoyed it. We may have to look into a membership and make it a regular occurance.
And Zane got to see a big old "choo choo" engine up close and personal. He loved that. Although he was really sleepy and in somewhat of a daze. We'll have to go back when he is more "into" it.
And lastly we meet sugarbutt out at the LSU campus so Zane could see Mike the tiger. He was simply amazed (and a little scared I think). And then we went for coffee at Starbucks were we all just sat and talked over our beverages and caught up. It was SO nice. Can't wait for another day like that. So many treasures there.

Well that's all...I leave you with a little self portrait. Don't know if it will be my official 365 from Saturday but it's a pretty cools shot.

Well much love. Don't know if I'll be around much this week...I'll be enjoying our rustic, family Thanksgiving. Type ya later! Don't forget to squeeze the ones you are thankful for this week!

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