Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remembering Our Craziest Year Ever

This has been by far the craziest year on the books.

Our most life threatening Experience (David's 2 week hospital stay)First trip to urgent care (Zane's worst Asthma attack)
Our Annual Easter Tea went Oriental
Sugarbutt moved back home
Made some great new friends
Had our first real family photo shoot
First trip to see the lights in Natchitoches
Saw the Steel Magnolia house
Sugarbutt is expecting her 2nd bebe
David gets a new vehicle (no big surprise there...he averages on a year! LOL!)
Zane turned 2
Daddy finally retired
(how is that even possible in the same year?)
Daddy got to be king for a day (at our family reunion)

I turned the big 31
My Jillybean got married
and so much more that I'm sure I'm leaving off. Not to mention all those "not so HUGE" moments but still so important things like Zane's growing personality and vocabulary.
This year truly has been a roller coaster ride. And we are stronger and closer for having lived through it all.
Welcome 2009. Welcome.


As I sat for an hour in the waiting room at the doctor's office for my son to see the doctor, I saw and overheard a lot that gave me confidence in my skills as a mother, wife and decent person in general. Since we were going for a twisted knee, we sat in the "well waiting" area. With kids that were coughing and snotting like crazy. I understand that its a doctor office and there are sick kids but if they are going to take the time to designate a sick area and a well area, one would think that you would comply. Whatever. No biggie. What got me was the way one lady was talking to her 4 year old little girl. She was telling her "see, this is why you shouldn't get sick on Wednesdays" because her doctor was off on Wednesdays. Like its her fault she was sick. Like she wanted to go to the doctor today. Then she tells the little girl she should get sick on Mondays. I mean really. Seriously? Why would you tell a sick little girl that? Now she is sitting there thinking this is her fault and she did something wrong by getting sick on a Wednesday. Way to go lady.

Ok, rant done. And for the record it has now been 1 hour and 35 minutes and still no doctor. But I'm just glad I'm not that lady...I'm pretty proud of my parenting style now.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Tidbits

Just a few tidbits to share as I'm looking through my Christmas day pics...

Christmas day we went to my in law's house for dinner. Every time we go there Zane wants to ride paw paw's tractor. So I went outside to snap a few pictures and saw Zane with this look on his face as he watched his daddy start up the tractor.
He was so cute standing there waiting patiently for his chance to ride.
Then when he got on he thought he was driving that tractor like a big man! It was cute.
David just guided him but let him turn the wheel as they drove. He loved that.
Then I came across this picture on my camera from Christmas day.
It made me think about this shot that I took two years ago at Christmas when he was just 4 months the same yard sign. (that's my little man in the middle)Seems like yesterday and forever ago, all at the same time.
I'll leave you with Zane's Christmas present to his grandmas and his aunts and uncles...

It's a reindeer made using his hands and feet. Everyone loved it! I highly recommend this crafty project with you kiddos next year. I will cherish mine!

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Christmasing is through

Sigh. I love Christmas so much. I hate to see it over but I'm anxious to see what the new year will bring...but that is for another post.
Our holiday was wonderful. Peaceful and perfect.

My baked treats were a huge success.

Zane LOVED his momma's ginger bread cookies. And to think I almost didn't make them. Sugarbutt inspired me.

Zane got his "big boy" bed transition. *Note that wonderfully crafted rail/bench custom made by his daddy*

Oh and me? Well I guess you are wondering what I had wrapped up in those tiny little Mignon Faget bags. Well here is my gifties...

Two beautiful pendants hand picked by my sweet hubs. He loves me.

Now I totally have to go get some sleep. This transitioning to a big boy bed is rough. LOL!

Monday, December 22, 2008

365 catch up & why I love my sweet pumpkin' butt

Still prepping tons for Christmas. I currently have gingerbread under my fingernails and flour in my hair. Baking is so messy!

So I was thinking of a few things that Zane is currently doing that I wanted to journal about before I forget about them.

- Acting like a puppy dog
- Looking out the front window
- Saying “No indeed!”
- Watching Thomas the Tank Engine
- Loves Yogurt
- Adores Oatmeal
and my personal fav...
- Says “Santa Claus is coming, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas” all in one breath.

I've so got to scrapbook these things.

And now here are A LOT of 365s that I haven't gotten around to sharing yet. And believe it or not, it's not all of them! LOL!

Alright well I have cookies in the oven and supper on the stove, later gators!