Monday, December 22, 2008

365 catch up & why I love my sweet pumpkin' butt

Still prepping tons for Christmas. I currently have gingerbread under my fingernails and flour in my hair. Baking is so messy!

So I was thinking of a few things that Zane is currently doing that I wanted to journal about before I forget about them.

- Acting like a puppy dog
- Looking out the front window
- Saying “No indeed!”
- Watching Thomas the Tank Engine
- Loves Yogurt
- Adores Oatmeal
and my personal fav...
- Says “Santa Claus is coming, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas” all in one breath.

I've so got to scrapbook these things.

And now here are A LOT of 365s that I haven't gotten around to sharing yet. And believe it or not, it's not all of them! LOL!

Alright well I have cookies in the oven and supper on the stove, later gators!


random moments said...

Oh! I feel so special being in one of your 365s!! :)

You really should do an (easy) scrapbook of your year of 365s. Your little Zane will cherish that photobook of his Mama.

Christina Padilla said...

Merry Christmas!!!
Loving all the photos!
Wishing you all the best Christmas ever!