Monday, December 15, 2008

Another weekend review

So how did we spend the weekend? Well lets start backwards from Sunday...
Zane and I played at grandma's house and took some random festive pictures while dada worked on his big boy bed rail and step (to be presented after Christmas).

Saturday night we attended a good friend's wedding. Jill made a beautiful bride. BEAUTIFUL.
The ceremony was small and simple and so perfect. The cake was beautiful as were the bridesmaid's gowns and jewelry (made by the bride) and the bride's dress was breath taking.
I love ya Jill, you were perfect and I KNOW you will have a wonderful life with J.
Earlier in the day, we went to a family holiday party where Zane consumed way too many sweets thanks to very "giving" family member who kept slipping him fresh cookies.
For this one...he put this Santa hat on and said "ta ma pitcha mama". Precious.
Zane has a new love for peeking out of the front window. I wonder what he is looking for...Santa perhaps?
I leave you with some holiday kitchen linens that make me smile. They were super cheep at the dollar store but I love them just the same. They look so cute on our old vintage stove.
And finally my take on the SCRAPJACK of Virgina Tillery. We just posted the jack tonight so go on over and check it out!
I'll try to gather my 365s up for my next post. Although I have neglected to post them, I've been managing to take them everyday just the same.


Breanne Crawford said...

love your scrapjack!!! and all the lovely photos!!

random moments said...

Aww thanks Michelli! It was perfect. *sigh* So glad you guys were there. It was a whirlwind of a night, I felt like it was over in an hour. And the honeymoon.... *sigh* Too many words.

The photo of Zane with his toothy grin is just precious. You guys made one beautiful kiddo! :)