Monday, December 08, 2008

Birthdaying, Christmasing & Decorating

So I'm officially a year older and certainly a year wiser. This year has been a pretty tough one to get through.
David and I had planned a nice "date night" to go out to eat for my birthday, but at the last minute my dad called to tell me he wanted to cook supper for us and he had baked me a cake and all! So how do you say no to a homemade birthday cake? It was so nice to have a meal and cake prepared just for me. That doesn't happen often you know.

Then Thursday was girls night at the Melting Pot and despite my disappointment for sugarbutt having to back out at the last minute, these two beautiful chic-a-dees stepped in and made the night perfect.
Fondue, girl talk and $5 lemon drop martinis...heaven.
Moving on to the weekend, Saturday was a Christmas party for some work friends. We had a nice dinner and then went out to listen to a band play.
The music was not my favorite but the company was great and we had a blast. We even got to hang out with my favorite bride to be during her bachlorette party! Speaking of which, Jilly Bean, ready or not, you are getting married in less than a week! EKK!
So Sunday we caught the tail end of Christmas at the Rural Life Center.
Zane took an oddly long and late nap so we were super late...they didn't even charge us to get in. So we made the rounds quickly, drank some apple cider, snapped some pics and showed Zane the vintage choo choos...he was quite happy.
Then once it got dark they lit the bonfire to light the way for Papa Noel. I think Zane was freaked out a little by it as he watched it and felt the heat.
Then finally it was time for Papa Noel's arrival.
It was SO crowded and kids (and parents) just mobbed him. So I just held my camera high up and snapped this shot. David took Zane to a small elevated platform where he could see him from a distance...he was amazed!
Now on the Christmas decor...
Oh and to my delight, as I passed by the newly decorated Christmas tree, I noticed two small Mignon Faget gift bags. OH JOY! Not only did my hubs spoil me with two items from my favorite jewelry designer, but's just the first week in December...Super early!
Now I have to wait weeks to find out what they are! This is gonna kill me!


renee said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle! and is that your tree?! I love it!!

LindseYaYa said...

Happy birthday, Sugar! I'm so sorry for backing out on date night--- but I appreciate you understanding. I love the first pic of you and your cake. As I told you tonight, your tree is certainly holly.jolly. Great job! Looking forward to spending some time with you...

Elizabeth said...

What a fun night that was! I can't wait to do it again and make sure Sugarbutt is with us!!