Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Card Pics, Natchitoches & Pie!

Ok, wrapping up the Thanksgiving Week events...
This is one of our Christmas Card picture photo shoot pics...not the one we will use but a good one none the less.

During our stay, we weren't far from Natchitoches, LA which is where the movie Steel Magnolias was filmed. If you know me at all you will know how much I adore this movie. We got to see all the main fliming spots, including them home "Shelby" lived in.

It's now a bed and breakfast. Next time we are going, I'm SO staying there!

Then we got to see the Natchitoches version of the walk of fame where they honor the stars that have filmed in their town.

What you can't see from this picture is that I'm laying on the sidewalk on a very busy street during the a very busy shopping time right at the door of a huge bank! I looked like a crazy lady. Did I care. Hell no. I was being all touristy!

Once it started to get dark, the Christmas lights started coming on. And OMG...what a show that is! We have never been so that was such a treat! The display was huge, streatching down the banks of the Cane River, up the bridge, down the streets, everywhere! We walked up and down the river bank...feeding the ducks, dining on fabulous Natchitoches meat pies and sipping hot chocolate. So wonderful.Just amazing. A must see in my book!

Then Zane got to play with is paw paw's new puppy, which he LOVED. We had to keep reminding him that it's paw paw's puppy so he wouldn't think it was coming home with us!
And finally on our way home my parents insisted on stopping at this "world famous" pie place. Not so world famous to us. The pie was ok but I was more excited about the photo op of the old car out front. I know, I'm such a scrapbooker.

You can see more of my Thanksgiving photos on my new account. I'll be uploading my pictures there now so I can upload more pictures for archive reasons and sharing with family and friends. I'll post a link on the side bar later too.


Aimee said...

yeah, the old truck rocks. definitely. great photos, what a cute puppy!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

fab pics...i'm a huge julia roberts fan (saw her actually filming "something to talk about")...and love steel magnolias...i would have laid on the ground too!

those lights are awesome!