Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Tidbits

Just a few tidbits to share as I'm looking through my Christmas day pics...

Christmas day we went to my in law's house for dinner. Every time we go there Zane wants to ride paw paw's tractor. So I went outside to snap a few pictures and saw Zane with this look on his face as he watched his daddy start up the tractor.
He was so cute standing there waiting patiently for his chance to ride.
Then when he got on he thought he was driving that tractor like a big man! It was cute.
David just guided him but let him turn the wheel as they drove. He loved that.
Then I came across this picture on my camera from Christmas day.
It made me think about this shot that I took two years ago at Christmas when he was just 4 months the same yard sign. (that's my little man in the middle)Seems like yesterday and forever ago, all at the same time.
I'll leave you with Zane's Christmas present to his grandmas and his aunts and uncles...

It's a reindeer made using his hands and feet. Everyone loved it! I highly recommend this crafty project with you kiddos next year. I will cherish mine!


random moments said...

What a cute crafty!

I love the sunlight coming through on the first pic. So sweet.

The Christmas tree pic... is this a tradition beginning that I see? I was just talking about that with Lola yesterday, how we're at that age of getting married, starting families, making babies, and we no longer get to enjoy the comfort of (some of) the traditions we did with our parents anymore. We have to make our own now. So much pressure, but so exciting at the same time. Maybe we make them accidentally? I hope its as easy as that. :)

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Irini said...

I will definitely do this with my 5 year old!!

Zane is gorgeous.
You have a wonderful family....on that note I wish you and your family a healthy, wealthy, happy new year as we say here in Athens Greece.