Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's practically here!

Christmas that is. I've been in a Christmas prep whirl wind. This weekend I've spent my time chocolate dipping pretzels, baking cookies, making candies, wrapping presents, sewing felt gift tags and so on.

Earlier this week, my mom & I took Zane to story time at the library to see Santa. He was quite suspicious of that fake bearded "Santa".He did seem to enjoy the old time Disney Christmas film on the big projector.Saturday night we went to a family Christmas party...sorry no pics!

Then today we went to sugarbutt's for brunch, gifts and gingerbread houses!

Lindsey made it all so perfect with her delicious meal and wonderful gifts. And the boys really enjoyed the gingerbread houses. Thanks sugar for a wonderful Sunday brunch!

Well all for now. I have had a million posts in mind the last few days but time has not been my friend. Maybe next week. Kisses!

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Elizabeth said...

What a great photo of you and David in front of the tree!! I love it! I am so stoked for Christmas...hope to see you for lunch today my sunshine!