Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As I sat for an hour in the waiting room at the doctor's office for my son to see the doctor, I saw and overheard a lot that gave me confidence in my skills as a mother, wife and decent person in general. Since we were going for a twisted knee, we sat in the "well waiting" area. With kids that were coughing and snotting like crazy. I understand that its a doctor office and there are sick kids but if they are going to take the time to designate a sick area and a well area, one would think that you would comply. Whatever. No biggie. What got me was the way one lady was talking to her 4 year old little girl. She was telling her "see, this is why you shouldn't get sick on Wednesdays" because her doctor was off on Wednesdays. Like its her fault she was sick. Like she wanted to go to the doctor today. Then she tells the little girl she should get sick on Mondays. I mean really. Seriously? Why would you tell a sick little girl that? Now she is sitting there thinking this is her fault and she did something wrong by getting sick on a Wednesday. Way to go lady.

Ok, rant done. And for the record it has now been 1 hour and 35 minutes and still no doctor. But I'm just glad I'm not that lady...I'm pretty proud of my parenting style now.


random moments said...

Dude. Someone needs to kick that lady in the shin. Zane could have totally gotten away with that. I mean, really.

So the furniture piece has been sanded and has one coat of paint. I'm nervous but excited about the outcome. Cross your fingers I don't eff it up. Thanks again for your expertise!

Glad you joined in the giveaway! I've been wanting to do this, I see others do it and it looks like so much fun.

Okay I just wrote you a novel. Happy New Year!!

Christina Padilla said...

CRAZY year indeed.
Glad you and your family got through it ok. It's made you stronger forshiz girl.


LindseYaYa said...

SO been there before. But hey, take the little dose of encouragement from whatever source you can... even from those nut.job non-examples. xo