Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remembering Our Craziest Year Ever

This has been by far the craziest year on the books.

Our most life threatening Experience (David's 2 week hospital stay)First trip to urgent care (Zane's worst Asthma attack)
Our Annual Easter Tea went Oriental
Sugarbutt moved back home
Made some great new friends
Had our first real family photo shoot
First trip to see the lights in Natchitoches
Saw the Steel Magnolia house
Sugarbutt is expecting her 2nd bebe
David gets a new vehicle (no big surprise there...he averages on a year! LOL!)
Zane turned 2
Daddy finally retired
(how is that even possible in the same year?)
Daddy got to be king for a day (at our family reunion)

I turned the big 31
My Jillybean got married
and so much more that I'm sure I'm leaving off. Not to mention all those "not so HUGE" moments but still so important things like Zane's growing personality and vocabulary.
This year truly has been a roller coaster ride. And we are stronger and closer for having lived through it all.
Welcome 2009. Welcome.


random moments said...

Aw Michelli, what a sweet sweet surprise. I was enjoying your photo post and agreeing, nodding my head, remembering the scary ones (David's illness, hurricane, etc.) and then you included lil ole me. Felt a bitty tear in ma eye.

It HAS been a crazy year and your post definitely sums it up. Wow.

Happy New Year to you and your lil family! ((hugs))

LindseYaYa said...

*cheers* 2009! This was a crazy year for yall... especially that hospital stint! I'm glad I made the highlight.reel... I wonder what next years will look like? So, can we expect a new.years.rez list? What do you see when you look ahead? I'd love to know! xo