Saturday, January 31, 2009


If you have been following my twitter updates, you have seen the news...I'm heartbroken. This week has been awful. Just awful. Wednesday I was laid off from work due to "corporate restructuring". That is the major downfall of working for a global chemical company. These types of decisions are made on a global scale. My position was just eliminated. I'm truly heartbroken. I've worked at that site for seven years. That's longer than I've been married. I considered the people family. It was my second home. You comfort zone. Not to mention it is so scary to be unemployed right now. I thought we had left the hardships behind in 2008. Apparently, not so. But this too shall pass. I have an amazing support system and everyone I worked with has been so sweet. The kind words I've received have been such a comfort. I love my lunch bunch and my best work friends and everyone that made my days there so memorable and fulfilling. I'm afraid I will never find another workplace with such a close knit group. But I'm optimistic. I'm out there. I'm hunting. We will get through this too.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

That's a wrap...

The weekend that is. The highlight by far was our trip to see the fabulous Molly Ringwald's...the bestest 80's cover band eva!
Fabulous self portraits...

Entertaining company...

And lots and lots of love!
Needless to say after all that excitement we were in no condition to do much the next day. Honestly with the killer cold I had coming on, I shouldn't have even gone...but with tickets already purchased and plans made, I wasn't turning back. So we went and had a blast but I've been paying for it ever since. Damn those smokey venues and flowing margaritas. Damn them all.

As for Sunday we made a target run, got some starbucks and picked up some house stuff at Lowes. Glamorous I know. After a quick trip the grosery store, I heated up some frozen homemade chicken and veggie soup I made a few weeks ago and was quite thankful for. I'm sort of glad the weekend is over and done. I am, however super excited that the cable people finally got our digital cable upgrade strait and our high speed internet. It's so much better than our old DSL line. Hopefully uploading pictures won't be such a chore now!

Well all for now ladies and gigglefins...see ya on the flip side!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just another day...

So today I returned to work from a long weekend.
Granted it wasn't by choice, but I did get to spend the day with my bugger since his daycare was closed. We snuggled on the sofa for quite a while...something he never does. I don't think he is feeling well this week.
Oh and I scrapped too. I managed to bang this page out during little man's nap yesterday.
I got a little frisky with the glimmer mist! LOL!
So now I'm vegging out on the sofa with a heating pad and my laptop. I feel so crappy and SO hope I start feeling better before the weekend. We are getting tickets to a kick ass 80's cover band that I adore. So here's hoping!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

365s out of the waazo!

Really I have no idea why I sit on these for so long! But here is like a MONTH of my 365s!

*Sigh* Wow that was a lot! I promise to get better with posting these! Oh and I've discovered the most fabulous photo editing tool...and it's free! Check it out, it's called Picnik. It's fab!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Already?

Wow, Thursday already.
Went outside to take some pictures of layouts this afternoon when the hubs came home with little man. He was so cute running around the yard in his little hat. I had to snap some pics.

Ok, so the layouts...
This is the scrapjacked layout for January. Check out later tonight for the target page and all of the other jackers work.

And some more Christmas pages...

OMG! I'm loving the combo of Sassafrass and Martha mixed with some Hambly here and there. I love, love, love working with this stuff. Ok, well that's all I got. Looking forward to a relaxing but bitter cold weekend ahead. One more day of work and one more day at the gym to go.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goody Goody Gumdrops!

Ok so I thought that was a clever title. Perhaps not, but it inspired me to scrap so I went with it!
I'm diggin the combo of Martha Stewart papers mixed with the Sassafrass Lass stuff and I even used some Dove of the East. Unlikely combo but it all seemed to come together. I hope to do some more pages like this soon. Tonight perhaps. My mom is coming over to do some scrapping!

Oh and Zane wanted a peanut butter sandwich today and I wanted to make is special for him. So, I used a train cookie cutter set and cut it out for him.
Needless to say he loved it! I highly recommend this little trick.

Pizza and a movie

Ahhh, a Saturday night at home with the boys.

Tonight: Horton Hears a Who and pizza making 101.
Zane loved making his own pizza. I'll have to find more cool things he can "help" make for supper.
His favorite part was the cheese.
It was fun and yummy!
He totally digs his cool mommy for letting him make pizzas tonight. I know he does.
Now that he is down for the night, the hubs and I are watching Transformers. *sigh* Movie night is nice.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

So I'm on a roll...

So I got my masters kit in the mail the other day and I'm just now getting a chance to cut into it. And now I'm on a roll!

I scrapped snow pictures and got a good start to my Christmas pictures too. That makes me very happy. Now I have some great Martha Stewart stuff and some Sassafrass Lass papers that I can't WAIT to use!

Oh and I had a good mail day yesterday. I had this beautiful braclet waiting for me when I got home from work. I won it on my girl Jill's blog and I just love it! Thanks Jill!

And I got my Studio Calico kit yesterday too. Damn I need to get some more scrap time carved out!

Ok, well I'm off to bathe the boy and hopefully get to bed early. This toddler bed thing is kicking my ass!