Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goody Goody Gumdrops!

Ok so I thought that was a clever title. Perhaps not, but it inspired me to scrap so I went with it!
I'm diggin the combo of Martha Stewart papers mixed with the Sassafrass Lass stuff and I even used some Dove of the East. Unlikely combo but it all seemed to come together. I hope to do some more pages like this soon. Tonight perhaps. My mom is coming over to do some scrapping!

Oh and Zane wanted a peanut butter sandwich today and I wanted to make is special for him. So, I used a train cookie cutter set and cut it out for him.
Needless to say he loved it! I highly recommend this little trick.


random moments said...

You and your lil train sandwiches are just a big old ball of cuteness.

Martha must be spinning. You're over there using her papers and I'm over here reading her magazine for home decor ideas. She rocketh, doesn't she?

Kelly said...

Super love the gumdrop title! Wicked use of Sass!!

oh and tidbit tip for the cookie cutters..if you cut the bread first you should be able to get cleaner edges. This from the crazy Mom who once made 33 heart sandwiches for a 2nd grade class lol

Beth Perry said...

That is a GORGEOUS and cute layout!