Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pizza and a movie

Ahhh, a Saturday night at home with the boys.

Tonight: Horton Hears a Who and pizza making 101.
Zane loved making his own pizza. I'll have to find more cool things he can "help" make for supper.
His favorite part was the cheese.
It was fun and yummy!
He totally digs his cool mommy for letting him make pizzas tonight. I know he does.
Now that he is down for the night, the hubs and I are watching Transformers. *sigh* Movie night is nice.


random moments said...

Looks like a perfect night.

P.S. - I wanna that shirt!!

P.P.S. - UFC Fight at the Corkerns' house this Saturday at 8. Yummies, girlie drinks and a tour of the homestead. You down?

Christina Padilla said...

supah cute.
me and J make pizza together too...he loves putting the cheese and peps on.

then says we are the best cookers ever. total layout worthy, i need to document that, thanks for the inspo girlie!

Teresa Loop said...

OMG - your little guy is an absolute DOLL!!!

I'm going to do a pizza night once Costco gets those kits back!

Kelly said...

oh so cute!!