Tuesday, January 06, 2009

See, I do still scrapbook

I had done the Thanksgiving page way before Christmas but then last week I whipped up this page of my 31st birthday.

Both pages done with my November Masters Kit. I loved how my birthday page came out. Now I hope to get some Christmas pages done soon! Wish me luck.
So my weekend. Well Friday we went to the zoo.
Then Saturday. Saturday was an experience. Here is my Saturday night in a nut shell...

Baby at grandmas.
Red Halter.
Yummy Sushi.
Drifting in the Hobby Lobby parking lot (not recommend).
Grape Smirnof Ice (also not recommened).
Drink spillage (not mine).
Cheezy wedding singer type band.
Venue change.
Rockin' 80's cover band.
MAJOR drink spillage (again...not mine).
Home for the night.
We are getting too old for this. But it never GETS old. LOL!


random moments said...

Hee hee, love your lil synopsis of the night. I was nodding at Red Halter and then laughing at your spillage. Maybe you need a cane?

I always feel "too old for this". But I never get tired of hanging with good company and seeing 80's bands. Wonder if I could make that happen in my house? Hmm...

Christina Padilla said...

LMAO....by drifting do you mean going into the store or actually "drifting" like "tokyo drift"ing? wow, if it's #2!

and lmao ^^^at her comment about a cane. ahahahahah.

Michelle Sanders said...

You girls are cracking me up! I feel the need to clairify now! LOL! No, no cane needed...it was not my drink either time! Damn drunks! Well first it was a friend by accident and then it was a drunk hooker! Ok, not a real hooker but she was a ho.

And yes, CP, REAL "Tokyo drift"ing. Long story! LOL! Like I said, not recommended!

Christina Padilla said...

a drunk hooker??? what kind of parties are you going to?
OMG YOU SAID A HO!!!!!!! lmao!
why do i find this so funny?

so is David Vin Dielsel now?


you best be wearing your seatbelt!