Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th was good to me

Yes today was a good day. And damn, did I need it.
Well it started off with a call back from a company I inquired about employment with. Then I had a great interview with another company. And a couple other promising leads. And on my way back from my interview, my dear friend Elizabeth (AKA: Starshine) called me to meet her for lunch at McDonalds. Since I was craving saltly french fries and a coke, this was perfect!
So that's how things are going on the job front.
Some sad grandmother is very sick. Very, very sick. I don't know how much my family wants me to share but it's bad. I've been dealing with that since the day I found out I lost my job...which was hard enough. But as examinations start, test results come back and treatments begin, things are not getting easier. I'm more worried about my mother who has to take care of her (with the help of her brothers). My mother takes everyone's problems and worries as her own. To quote a line from my favorite movie (Steal Magnolias): I never have to worry, momma worries enough for the both of us. And it is so true. My heart hurts for her.
On a positive note, we no longer have sewage backing up in our home! Yey!
Ok, so here are a few 365s from the week. More here.
*homemade gingerbread latte* mmmmMMMM!
Brown Cons
Laying in the grass
Brown heals.
A lot of feet shots this week. Sorry.
And now, a peek into a project I've been working on for the latest Masters Kit, "Sheer Chill".

I can't wait to share more!


amy lapi said...

sweet photos! :)

Elizabeth said...

Mark said I should be more serious in pictures. So next time I'll use my serious face. LOVE the brown converse!

Elizabeth said...

That was my "omg there's a friend of my stalker" face

LindseYaYa said...

are we talking Lucy? Call me when you can to fills in on this. I want to be in the loop. Xo

Christina Padilla said...

your grandmother is in my prayers and so are you girliepie. you'll find something soon!

and btw...cute shoes, spesh the tan ones!