Friday, February 06, 2009

Gettin' Scrappy 'Wit it!

I scrapped again! Damn I'm feeling creative!
This time I used some Hambly goods and some black and white graphics that my girl Ms. Batts gave me. I decided to do a page about her since I thought it was so cute that she saved these graphics from an old make up box she had. She totally gets me. I used a cool technique on the Hambly overlay...alcohol ink. Try it, you'll like it. *Just make sure you do it on the back (the side without the printing on it. Otherwise the alcohol in the ink will remove the the printing from the overlay.
Now I don't know if I ever shared these little guys with you...
My chefs. They live in our kitchen and they talk to each other. Ok now you think I'm crazy. But really, I usually write something on one of the boards and then David will write a response. It's something we just started doing and it's stuck. He has left me some pretty inpirational messages over the last week or so but this one made my heart smile. I was feeling hopeful that day...he wanted to make sure I knew I should feel hopeful everyday. Sappy enough for ya? LOL!
Lastly, here is my 365 for today...rockin' my new peacock pendant. I just love it!


Christina Padilla said...

na na na na na na na.....ok you got me big will style! lol

and oh the cute story on the little talking chefs....layout please! :)

Meg said...

love the new layouts! now that baby b has arrived i am ready to get back to scrapping!! :) and the new jack! those polaroids were made so easy--i downloaded it @ just love how it makes the pics look!

Kelli said...

I love the chefs....they are awesome! And your LO is awesome too :) How great!